Maths Tuition

Primary Maths Tuition maths tutorin ashby de la zouch

From the moment children enter school in reception they are starting to learn mathematical concepts. Some children are able to grasp those concepts quickly, others it is more of a challenge.

Schools are under a great deal of pressure to cover a very broad curriculum and unfortunately not all children are able to keep up.

If a child has missing mathematical knowledge then this could affect their ability to understand new areas that they are being taught. It may also lead to them becoming disengaged and lose their confidence in the subject.

This is where we can help. We can spend time on developing the skills that might be holding your child back. We can ensure that the foundations are there to allow them to grow their mathematical knowledge. We can also stimulate and reignite their passion for learning maths.

Of course, your child might be on the other end of the scale and are looking to be pushed further. Don’t worry we can help with that too. If your child is already above the expected level for their year group, then we can start looking at hitting the expectations for the year above. We have the knowledge and resources to make sure your child reaches their full potential.

The forgotten children. Many times, children who fall in the middle do not get the help and support that could really make a difference in their learning. If your child’s parents evening or report comes back saying that they are doing “ok” or “fine” but you think they could be doing better, then why not book a FREE ASSESSMENT we might be able to help them achieve more than just an “ok”.

Maths Tuition for SATs and End of Year Assessments

The government has set targets that every child should achieve by the end of each school year. These are accompanied by SATs at the end of year 2 and year 6. Rightly or wrongly there is a great deal of pressure for children to hit these targets and do well in the SATs tests. We can provide structured preparation that can help your child to do the best they can.  This may include focussing on particular areas that need attention, general revision work and exam preparation. Our FREE INITIAL ASSESSMENT  could help identify what approach would work best for your child.

Secondary Maths Tuition

From year 7 to year 11 our secondary Maths Tutoring sessions are designed to help your child achieve their full potential when it comes to exam time. We ensure that the foundations are in place to allow them to be confident in all aspects of the Maths curriculum.

We cover the following areas:

  • Number, Ratio & Algebra
  • Geometry & Measures
  • Statistics & Probability
  • Applied mathematics
  • Exam preparation.

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